Introducing the Recordphile

As most audiophiles know, having great equipment can go a long way in reproducing the warm sound only available by playing a record album.  But in fact, your albums are the most important component of your sound system. Unfortunately, there are few products to store and sort your albums that allow you to easily find what you want without potentially damaging your most essential assets.  Many collectors store them side by side bookcase style, which works fine for books and CD's, but not for LP's.  It makes them difficult to find and file and subject to warping.  In addition, dragging them out to play can cause cover ring wear and it can be next to impossible to put them back in place without pulling off the vinyl protection covers. Milk crates are also used for record storage, but storing albums this way can both be unwieldy, and at times, an eyesore.


Enter the Recordphile.  This handcrafted cabinet is designed from the beginning to store and organize your essential assets the way they were meant to be, like when you originally purchased them.  The design is based upon a classical wooden file cabinet, but revised to specifically accommodate the requirements of album storage, for instance size, strength, and stability.


Each Recordphile drawer easily accommodates 100 albums and features an adjustable back stop, allowing the storage of as many or as few albums as desired while maintaining their upright position.

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